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Spring 2018 Vol. 9, Issue 1
Looking Up & Beyond
EXPERIENCING CHALLENGES MOVING PERSONNEL OR MATERIALS?                               We have the solution.
Is it taking too long for your team members to get from point A to point B? Need a more productive solution for transporting inventory or materials on site? Looking for an easier way for workers to tow pipes, carts or other unwieldy items? We have the solution – Zallys® electric utility vehicles. The affordable, safe and reliable solution to help you move more and increase productivity and profits.

Zallys® Electric Personnel Carriers

Whether picking orders or transporting personnel, Zallys line of electric personnel carriers will safely transport up to 1,100 lbs and tow up to 5,500 lbs.

Zallys® Electric Tow Vehicles

Zallys unique line of electric utility vehicles can push, pull or steer wheeled loads up to 33,069 lbs, increasing productivity with less strain on your team.

Zallys® Electric Load Equipment

Increase productivity while safely and efficiently moving materials up to 4,409 lbs.with the Zallys line of electric wheelbarrows and loading equipment.

Contact us today to take advantage of special pricing through March 31, 2018. Together, we can find the right solution to solve your daily challenges.

E-Z CLIMBER™ STAIR CLIMBER - Ideal Machine for Diverse Applications

While initially a popular unit for piano movers, the E-Z Climber™ has proven itself to be the ideal machine for use in a very diverse marketplace, including companies that move some of the following:

  • Safes and vaults
  • Gun cabinets
  • Appliances
  • Beverage and snack vending machines
  • Air conditioning units
  • Furniture
  • Copiers
  • Pianos

Contractors, crane companies, electrical/utility companies, educational systems, sign companies, hydro-electrical organizations and the military are all discovering the many ways the E-Z Climber can help them get more done in their work day.

The E-Z Climber’s growing popularity stems not just from theincreased productivity companies experience when using the machine, but also from the reduced risk of liability caused by property damage and injury to personnel. Companies have discovered that with the E-Z Climber in their arsenal, it takes less manpower to complete a job, creating more profit for each transaction.

Contact us today to find out who the E-Z Climber can benefit your organization.

WONDERING HOW TO "MOVE MORE"? Visit us at Modex - we'll show you how

If you’re looking to “move more”, visit us at MODEX, Booth B2063, April 9-12, at the World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA. We will be teaming up with representatives from Zallys® to show you how you can move more materials, carts and personnel with Zallys line of electric utility vehicles.

Feel free to stop by at your leisure to learn more or contact us if you want to pre-schedule appointment to meet with us for a personal tour of Zallys electric utility vehicles.

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E-Z Climber™ - Ideal for Diverse Applications

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