ISP-11 Electric Industrial Stock Picker

isp11 - aeup industrial stock picker for warehouse, retail, interior material handling

Safer, Easier, Higher – An Industrial Stock Picker for the Modern Business

Preserve and increase safety, maximize your uptime, and be completely adaptable to the layout of your facility or store.

Durable, versatile, and low-maintenance (and with an industry-best warranty), the AEUP ISP-11™ is a self-propelled stock picker that will modernize your material handling process in your warehouse, retail business, event facility, or distribution center.

Here’s what sets it apart from the others:

  • Drive, elevate, and rotate all at once. Competitors can only do two of these.
  • Electric material tray adjusts to any shelf height. Other trays are not electric and only adjust in 6” increments. So if the shelf is off by 3”, you’d have to adjust the whole machine – a frustrating and repetitive waste of time.
  • Aluminum alloy mast cylinder column – no motors, chains, or drives to maintain or replace (and a 5-year warranty on this column). More up-time. Lower costs.
  • Damage-resistant carbon bumper and closed canopy.
  • Double-foot sensor for safety requires both heels on the platform in order to drive – cannot be driven hanging over the edge.

 ISP-11 Lift Platform Features

57” x 31.8” floor dimensions with 56.7” height

  • 1,499 lb weight – suitable for most surfaces
  • 17.5’ working height – over a foot taller than competitor
  • 249 lb transport hood capacity, 287 lb operator platform capacity, and a materials tray capacity of 198 lbs
  • 949 lb load capacity – what you can carry in a single trip (when used with Transport Dolly)
  • 57” – the outside turning radius. With 0 inside turning radius, the whole stock picker platform can rotate in less than 5-foot corridors. Great for limited floor space/high shelf situations
  • 18.5 miles – distance you can travel on a single battery charge
  • Parts covered under warranty for two years

Flexible Financing

With Absolute E-Z Up’s flexible financing options, the ISP-11 is affordable even for smaller businesses and warehouses. The amount of time and labor you’ll save will make this a cost-effective asset.

Transport Dolly attaches to the ISP-11 electric industrial stock picker Double Your ISP-11 Load Capacity - Get the Transport Dolly Attachment

On its own, the ISP-11 carries about 450 lb. With the Transport Dolly, you can carry an additional 500 lb.

That will cut your number of trips in half and save a ton of time and labor for big jobs.

Learn more about the Transport Dolly, or order your ISP-11 and Transport Dolly material handling combination today.

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