M8 Load Carrier


Count on the M8™  load carrier material handler to help you move lengthy or wide materials with ease. Equipped with a tiller head, a steering motor wheel able to sheer up to 340° and a front traction motor wheel, the M8 can easily maneuver materials up to 13.12ft/4m long, at a max speed of 2.58 mph/4 kmh, and carry up to 3,306 lbs/1,500 kg.

The M8 can also be custom-built proportional to the length of materials you need to move.

Designed for durability, the M8 is constructed with a steel chassis to hold up to even the most demanding of work sites and features a powder-coated exterior that withstands the elements.

Additional features include a storage trunk to hold tools and an electric system designed for easy inspection.

The M8 is CE and UL approved.

View the M8™ brochure

View the M8™ 6m brochure

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