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  • Work Platform Videos: Save Time & Increase Profits

    ISP & AWP Videos

    Watch these work platform videos for a sampling of the ways Absolute E-Z Up’s aerial work platforms and industrial stock pickers can safely increase productivity, saving your company both time and money. Videos are produced by Bravi Platforms, our equipment manufacturer.

    At the end of this page, watch an operational video featuring the ISP-11™ and 16-point inspection and 12-point operation overview checklists.

    ISP-11™ Demo Video - Move Materials in a Flash

    See how the ISP-11™ stock picker can raise and lower while in motion, allowing your employees to work at higher elevations and maneuver heavy loads with speed and efficiency, increasing jobsite productivity.

    At the end of this page, watch an operational video featuring the ISP-11™ and 16-point inspection and 12-point operation overview checklists.

    ISP-7M™ Demo Video – Work Quickly and Efficiently

    With the highest working height (13.5 ft) of any manual lift in the industry, the ISP-7M™ is the most affordable way to safely boost the efficiency of your operations.

    Watch this video, and see how much better this manual stock picker is than a bulky ladder.

    IAWP-9.6™ Demo Video – The Ideal Worksite Solution

    The versatile IAWP-9.6™ will boost the productivity of your operations. It features a lightweight and compact footprint yet reaches working heights up to 16 feet. It’s the only low-level access platform with 2 standard extension decks, increasing platform length by 5.5 feet. The video also demonstrates how you can gain even more ground clearance with the Wheel Assist Kit.

    AEUP Rocker™ Demo Video – 30% Faster Overhead Installation

    Watch as a pair of workers competes against a solo worker doing the same job and is using the Rocker™ attachment. The single worker completes the job 30% faster. The Rocker™ allows for three different worker heights and lifts up to 89 lbs (40 kg).

    Note: The Rocker™ works exclusively with the CAWP-9.6™ construction work platform.

    Operational Video – ISP-11™ and ISP-7M™

    See Detailed Operating Instructions for Industrial Stock Pickers

    This video features the ISP-11™, but many of the controls and parts mirror those on the ISP-7M™, especially those that raise and lower the worker platform and the cargo platform.

    The video also illustrates our commitment to both worker safety and simplicity of operation, a set of core values that extends to all our products.

    What you’ll see in this 6-minute video:

    16-Point Pre-Use Inspection Checklist:

    • Assure a safe user experience
    • Extend the life of the unit
    • Reduce long term maintenance costs

    12-Point User Operation Overview:

    • See how safety is integrated within user controls in multiple ways
    • Experience the ease of operation – training your staff will be a cinch!

    Find out how fast you can speed up your operations. Our flexible financing makes all our work platforms and stock pickers affordable even for small businesses.