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  • AEUP Parts & Service

    Fast Repair and Replacement For Your AEUP Parts

    When your units needs more maintenance than you can give, or needs a replacement part, the last thing you want is to call someone who doesn’t know your business.

    That’s why Absolute E-Z Up has partnered with Hindley Electronics Inc, a company with a 35-year track record for aerial work platform parts and repair service.

    Hindley stocks original AEUP parts, so when you call, their technicians can use a hands-on approach to walk through your questions and help troubleshoot the problem.

    3 Tips to Ensure Fast Service

    Some problems are simpler than they seem. Before emailing or calling for technical help, try these 3 steps first:

    1. Clean all the connections (battery & electrical)
    2. Completely charge the batteries
    3. Perform a load test or specific gravity test (hydrometer test)

    If taking these simple steps does not resolve your issue then call one of our technical experts.

    When You Call, Have This Information Ready:


    • Unit model
    • Serial numbers
    • The error code displayed, if any

    This will save you time and get your vertical lifts, stock pickers, and aerial work platforms back to full performance. Call Michael for help with parts and service:

    Michael Kowalski

    Thank you for being an Absolute E-Z Up customer.

    And if you have any other issues or want to give feedback on our service, please send us your comments and tell us how our service made your work easier, or how we can improve your experience in the future.

    Parts and Service:

    Michael Kowalski

    Chris DeAmicis