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  • Zallys Electric Utility Vehicles


    Through Zallys, AEUP now offers a unique line of electric utility vehicles that can push, pull or steer wheeled loads up to 33,069 lbs, increasing productivity with less strain on your team.


    Increase productivity while safely and efficiently moving materials up to 4,409 lbs with Zallys line of electric wheelbarrows and loading equipment.

    Personnel Carriers

    Whether picking orders or transporting personnel, Zallys line of electric personnel carriers will safely transport up to 1,100 lbs and tow up to 5,500 lbs.

    Speciality Applications

    Professional 4-wheel pedestrian-operated vehicles, specifically designed for cemeteries. Coffin handling and burial procedures made easy, without physical effort and totally safe. Move, lift and bury coffins with ease and in total safety, avoiding noise or emissions, indoor and outdoor.