Material Handling Equipment

Industrial Stock Pickers – Manual & Electric

Manual and electric industrial stock pickers, ISP-11 and ISP 7M

Increase material handling efficiency in a variety of industries and workplaces, from retail to warehouses, factories or event venues. The ISP series is ideal for indoor uses, but also works on flat outdoor surfaces such as sidewalks.

If affordable efficiency is your priority, the manual ISP-7M™ has the highest working height of any manual lift platform.

For maximum versatility and with modern safety features like double-foot sensors, the ISP-11™ will allow your team to work faster, safer, and with less strain on your workers.

E-Z Climber™


E-Z Climber™ is an indispensable partner for people moving heavy and/or bulky objects.

The E-Z Climber is available in three different models, each with specific attributes that allow you to choose the price point and features that meet your needs.