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  • Small Investment = Big Returns

    ISP-7M™ ISP-11™ IAWP-9.6™ Demo a Unit and Save $250
    Small Investment = Big Returns.

    Many look only at a ladder’s purchase price and think that it’s a low-cost solution for low-level access, but in reality, the risk and operating costs associated with ladders are high. In 2009, over 220,000 occupational jobsite and work area accidents were attributed to ladder usage. Ladders accounted for 30% of disabling workplace falls from heights in 2011, and 68% of these injuries were retail, installation / maintenance / repair and construction related accidents.* As a result, insurance premiums are at least 15% higher when using a ladder or rolling ladders vs. low-level access equipment.

    Workers are a company’s most valuable asset. An injured worker is not a productive one, which increases costs. Additionally, higher insurance premiums and liability eat away at the bottom line.
      The Safer Alternative
    Safety standards now require three points of contact when working on a ladder over 6 feet tall. It’s inefficient, unsafe and virtually impossible to handle material or perform maintenance with one hand.

    Invest in Absolute E-Z Up’s low-level access equipment —
    a safer alternative to ladders. Our manual and self-propelled
    drive systems offer safety features that help prevent injuries, including double foot sensors, proportional drive systems and automated stationary brakes. Flashing lights and audible operational alarms protect both the operators and those
    nearby. Key switches control when the unit is used and by
    whom. All of these features reduce risk of injury and liability.
      It’s Simple Math
    Reduced loss time due to injury = lower costs and increased productivity and profits. When considering all costs a business incurs from ladder-related accidents, Absolute E-Z UP is the safe, low-cost solution.

    Experience for yourself how the Absolute E-Z Up line of equipment can reduce risk and increase profits and productivity. Contact us today for more information or to set up a demo. See and feel the quality first hand!
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    * 2012 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index
    1 Liability insurance providers
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