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  • AEUP 1000 Hydroxyl Generator

    UVA/TiO2 Photocatalytic Hydroyl/Ionized Hydro-Peroxide Generator

    The only Hydroxyl Generator that produces advanced hyrophilic, self-replicating hydroxyl molecules & ionized hydro-peroxide. Produces zero ozone and is 100% safe to run in inhabited areas!

    • Removes Odors
    • Kills Germs
    • Cleans the Air

    The 365nm to 385nm UVA Rays emitted from AEUP®‘s TiO2 Photocatalytic Lamps pass through a permanent Anatase TiO2 Coated Super Reactor Screen:

    • Designed to hold the maximum amount of Highly Reactive Nono Sized Anatase Titanium Dioxide
    • As a result, electron hole pairs are formed that react with H2O and O2 in the air and produce Free Electrons, Hydroxyl Radicals and Ionized Hydro-Peroxides that when dispersed by the fan will decompose organic and inorganic gases and air pollutants into carbon dioxide and water.
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