E-Z Climber™ Stair Climber

Making Work Easy

Whether you need to move a safe, photocopier, drink dispenser, air conditioner, household appliance, engine or piano, the NEW AEUP® E-Z Climber™ stair climber is an indispensable partner for people moving heavy and/or bulky objects, whether it be from room to room, up stairs, up or down steep slopes or loading into or off of a vehicle.

The E-Z Climber saves you time and money and reduces the risk of injury when moving cumbersome items. With three models to choose from, you can select the model that best overcomes your worksite challenges, including:

  • Loading and moving bulky or heavy items safely
  • Minimizing risk of product or job site damage
  • Maneuvering with ease, even in narrow spaces
  • Moving product up inclines or stairways with limited manpower.

Built to handle a rugged workload, the E-Z Climber stair climber features a fabricated and electro-welded steel chassis and can carry up to 1,322 lbs.

Three Models to Choose From

The E-Z Climber stair climber is available in three different models, each with specific attributes that allow you to choose the price point and features that meet your needs.


E-Z Climber 1300™

  • Easily maneuver loaded machine with intuitive actuator and proportional joystick controls
  • Robust tracks and hydraulic lifter safely conquers inclines, declines and stairs
  • One-person operation saves you time and money on the job

E-Z Climber 1300/H™

  • All the features of the E-Z Climber 1300
  • Extendable control box allows worker to walk behind or along side of unit and operate with button controls
  • Move product up or down stairways and steep terrain while horizontal, hydraulic platform keeps product in horizontal position at all times

E-Z Climber 1300/V™

  • All the features of the E-Z Climber 1300
  • Extendable control box allows worker to walk behind or along side unit and operate with button controls
  • Vertical, hydraulic platform allows a single worker to raise platform into vertical position, secure load, then lower platform back to starting position

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View the E-Z Climber 1300/V™ Video