Transport Dolly – Double Your Load Capacity

AEUP Transport Dolly cuts trips in half. This is an ez up material handling equipment solutionMove Half a Ton in One Trip

With a 500 lb tow capacity, the Transport Dolly™ is a special material handling cart that is designed to be towed by the ISP-11™ industrial stock picker. Combined with the 449 lb load capacity of the ISP-11, you can carry 949 lbs at a time – nearly half a ton.

A Lightweight Towable Cart

The AEUP® Transport Dolly adds efficiency to nearly any jobsite:

  • 100 lbs (45 kg) – easy and light to maneuver
  • 30 in. W x 46 in. L – compact size stores easily when not in use
  • 36.7 cubic ft of space up to the 30” height
  • 8-in ground clearance
  • Quick connect/disconnect system
  • Safety coupler

Durable for Demanding Work Sites

The Transport Dolly handles even the toughest work conditions, and is built in the USA with long-lasting materials, including:

  • High-grade steel
  • Powder-coated paint
  • Diamond-plated floor

AEUP offers 6-month warranty on Transport Dolly parts.

Most material handling carts are manual and hard to maneuver. If you’ve already improved your workplace efficiency by upgrading to an ISP-11 industrial stock picker but want to reduce the number of trips, the Transport Dolly will double your one-trip capacity by weight and even more by volume (with almost 37 cubic feet).

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