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  • Top 5 Workers Comp Claims

    Liberty Mutual Insurance recently unveiled their Workplace Safety Index 2020 report with specific findings related to manufacturing workers.

    The report listed the top causes of workers’ compensation costs for non-fatal claims with more than five days away from work.

    The top five injury causes accounted for more than $5.18 billion in claims.

    The first cause, creating over $1.65 billion in costs, is overexertion, often from lifting or moving objects.

    Second was falls, coming in at $1.16 billion, followed by workers being struck by objects or equipment, registering $1.02 billion.

    Workers being caught in or compressed by equipment or objects resulted in $760 million in worker compensation claims.

    Rounding out the top five were incidents involving workers having to position themselves or move in awkward ways, leading to $590 million in claims.

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