Spring 2016 AEUP® Connections

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Spring 2016 Vol. 7, Issue 1
Absolute E-Z Up

Looking Up & Beyond

THANK YOU for Supporting Absolute E-Z Up

Through your efforts, 2015 turned out to be a stellar year. Because of your continued support, Absolute E-Z Up continued to grow and expand our domestic and international customer base.

We had new distributors join the team in some key geographical areas, which of course is always beneficial. Any referrals you can provide for potential distributors in areas not yet represented are greatly appreciated!

Interesting enough, we can see a great deal of penetration and conversion. You are going out and looking for the applications and creating the need on your own and using your client relationships to build your and our brand loyalty.

Conversion is happening in part because (1) the leading supplier of stock pickers has experienced failures in quality and performance, leaving the door open to us to provide better and longer “uptime”; (2) buyers are realizing that cost of acquisition is one thing, but cost of ownership is a completely different measurement.

Our 10-5-1 Platinum Warranty™ is also creating a lot of new business partners for
us both.

Again, thank you for your continued support. We look forward to working with each of you and strengthening our partnerships for mutual business growth.

Wishing you a successful and prosperous 2016!


Announcing Our New Partnership with CTE
In our ongoing effort to supply our customers with more options to sell and expand their customer base, we are always looking for products that we think will offer you an edge in your market place. As a result, we are excited to announce that we have formed a working relationship with CTE.

Established in 1981, Italy’s CTE is one of the largest European manufacturers of lifting and material handling equipment. We chose to partner with CTE as their core business strategies and values mirror ours. They are committed to providing the highest standards in both safety and quality.

Our initial offerings will be a six-model, track-mounted boom family for exterior areas and industrial applications, as well as a three-model material handling family that can carry up to 1,322 pounds, even up a stairway and over uneven surfaces.

These products will be available in April, but we will have literature and support material before then, and we will do a formal introduction. Watch for our introductory information!


Have You Taken Advantage of Our Co-op Program?
Because your success is important to us, last year we launched the AEUP Co-op Marketing Program to help you promote AEUP products.

Included in the program is a variety of pre-designed web banner ads, direct mail pieces and print ads. Original materials are available for your designer to edit as needed, or our designer can assist.

For program terms and to access available materials, log in to the dealer only area of the AEUP website.

In This Issue

THANK YOU for Supporting AEUP

Announcing Our New Partnership

Take Advantage of Our Co-op Program

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