Summer 2016 AEUP® Connections

Summer 2016 Vol. 7, Issue 2
Absolute E-Z Up

Looking Up & Beyond

Absolute E-Z Up Continues to Grow
As you know, we’ve recently added new lines to our product offering. It’s through the rapid growth and penetration of our AWP and material handling products within the US market that this expansion is possible. The outstanding product quality and reliability of our original equipment lines, manufactured by Bravi, has helped us create a sound distribution base and establish a great reputation for quality and service.
We continually receive great reviews from our distributors and end users who have experienced great success with our AWP and material handling units. We appreciate your continued support.
If you haven’t experienced how AEUP products can help you grow your business, contact us today to set up a demo.
Unlimited Access with TRACCESS
Go more places with track-mounted booms from Absolute E-Z Up®. Whether you need to perform work on sensitive surfaces such as lawns or gymnasiums, paint multi-story buildings, perform exterior repairs or trim overhanging trees, the lightweight and compact TRACCESS track-mounted booms will take you wherever you need to work.
With 6 track-mounted boom models to choose from, AEUP offers the ideal option to meet your worksite demands.
To learn more about how TRACCESS track-mounted booms can help get more done in a workday, contact us today!
Watch Profits Climb
E Z Climber photoReduce the risk of injury and damage and save time and money with the NEW AEUP® E-Z Climber™ – an indispensable partner for people moving heavy and/or bulky objects, whether it be from room to room, up stairs or loading into or off of a vehicle.
Built to handle a rugged workload, the E-Z Climber features a fabricated and electro-welded steel chassis and can carry up to 1,322 lbs and climb as many as 50 flights of stairs in one charge.
The E-Z Climber is available in three different models, each with specific attributes that allow you to choose the price point and features that meet your needs.
Contact us today, and we’ll show you how the unmatched E-Z Climber can make your business more profitable, accomplishing tasks that normally must be handled manually or by more expensive options.
Move More with Electric Utility Vehicles
Need to move materials, product, carts or people? We are now offering a new line of electric utility vehicles to help increase productivity.
Leading manufacturer, Zallys, produces a wide variety of tow and loading machines and personnel carriers useful in a variety if industries, including industrial, manufacturing, storage, municipalities, hospitals and so much more.
Contact us today to learn how Zallys versatile products can help your business be more productive.
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AEUP Continues to Grow
Unlimited Access with TRACCESS
Watch Profits Climb
Move More with Electric Utility Vehicles
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