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  • E-Z Climber Fork Accessory

    Fork Accessory Kit

    New AEUP Fork Accessory Kit Features:

    • Lifting of the load using two forks, mounted on a rotating trolley
    • Lifting/loading the vertically-positioned cargo
    • Realign the cargo to a horizontal position, if necessary
    • Ability to rotate the load, aligning it lengthwise for easy positioning or transport

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    Technical Data

    • Max Load – 1,102 lbs with extra large stabilizers
    • Max Load – 771 lbs with standard stabilizers
    • Forks length – 24″
    • Forks kit weight – 220.5 lbs
    • Maximum loading height: 43″
    • Continuous 360° fork carriage rotation
    • Lockable rotation
    • Lockable height
    • Removable trolley